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The all-in-one platform to help your environmental objective achievable.

Measure, manage, report, and reduce your carbon footprint with guidance from top-tier carbon experts.

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Why Carbon Tool

First step toward a sustainable future

We make it simple for companies to measure, manage, report, and reduce their carbon footprint in alignment with the Global Decarbonization targets and strategy, guidance from top-tier carbon experts.

Understand your impact and take action

Carbon Tool is a comprehensive platform that helps you understand 
and track your carbon emissions to make a positive impact on the environment.

Our expertise

The team behind Carbon Tool has over 30 years of sustainability experience, making them a trusted and knowledgeable partner.

Carbon Tool accounting approach

Fully harness the potential of carbon accounting as a tool for climate action, 
where consistency and reliability are essential to sustainability goals


Our user-friendly platform allows you to effortlessly calculate baseline carbon footprint. Accurate measurement is the first step.


Flexible, customized reports that align with global standards and regulations, ensuring seamless data compilation and reporting to meet your specific needs.


Identify and mitigate your emissions through proven data-driven targets and strategies.


Connects you to credible offsetting schemes ensuring every carbon footprint is minimized.


Third-party certifications that reflects your progress on the path to Net Zero Carbon.


Carbon Tool has everything you need to act and track your carbon emissions.


Second, you must report to globally recognized standards, frameworks and regulations


your emissions through data-driven targets and strategies


Once you have reduced as much as you can, we provide credible offsetting schemes


At each stage you’ll achieve a Carbon Tool certification all the way to Net Zero Carbon

How it works

Elevate your climate action plan to new heights

Track Carbon Emissions

Harness the full potential of Carbon Tool to guide key environmental decisions.

Carbon footprint management for a sustainable future

Orchestrate an ever-growing team

Seamlessly coordinate your team to reduce emissions across the organization.

You can only manage what you measure

Track, reduce, manage

Simplify the process of calculating and reporting Scope 1, Scope 2 and Scope 3 emissions.

The power of precise information

No place for ambiguity

Benefit from the comprehensive database powered Carbon Tool

Become a Carbon Tool certified partner

Receive your Carbon ID

Showcase your achievement towards emission management and reduction through third-party certification.

Are you ready to Lead the Change and Empower Your Business for a Greener Future?

Explore the Power of Carbon Tool

With Carbon Tool, you can gain valuable insights into your carbon emissions

Connect with Carbon Tool

Carbon Tool facilitates the engagement of your supply chain and collaboration with other businesses, enabling the exchange of data and fostering collective action.

This interconnected approach empowers your organization to inspire and drive sustainability across a broader network.

Take effective steps

Carbon Tool is your catalyst for progress. It empowers sustainability one step at a time, fostering actions that make a substantial difference.

Aligned with international standards and regulations

Carbon Tool is designed in accordance with the latest and most
widely accepted international standards.

Empower your employees for meaningful impact and better data

Involve your team

Encourage your team to be proactive in understanding your organization’s environmental impact.

Working collectively towards a greener future, you enhance awareness and foster a culture of sustainability within your organization.

Let your team take initiative

Give your team the authority and tools to take the lead in driving CO2 emission reduction.
Cultivate impactful change by empowering your team to initiate and implement effective strategies for a more sustainable future.

Ask for more details

Schedule a meeting

Explore Carbon Tool! The Carbon Tool platform empowers businesses to streamline their carbon reduction efforts, navigate ESG compliance, and provides the flexibility to tailor modules to your sustainability goals. Schedule a demonstration to connect with our sustainability experts, and together, we’ll pinpoint your precise requirements.
We eagerly anticipate the opportunity to assist you on your sustainability journey.

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